A China old woman ' s face is using a high - tech arm to beautify wrinkles with a laser . Half of her face is full of wrinkles , and the other half is delicate and shiny . The high - tech arm emits laser rays to repair wrinkles . Strong contrast of facial wrinkles , medical beauty miracle , ultra - realistic , ultra detailed --ar 3:4 --style raw --v 6.0

Upper body, newspaper background, beautiful Asian girl, cool feeling, advanced photos, western beauty, shoulder length bright blue hair with a pinch of pink, white suspender sleeveless vest, Jean. jacket, white lace line around the neck, artist Sargent's color, realistic facial features, beautiful lights, extremely beautiful facial details and delicate eyes, clear and three-dimensional facial features, 32K --niji 5 --ar 9:16

a meticulously crafted portrayal of a fantasy cat adorned in vibrant Lemon Green, Cherry Red, and Sky Blue hues. Quantum dots dance across its fur, mirroring energy levels through swirling cosmic gold patterns. The composition includes elements like pearly dewdrops, refraction diffraction, ferrofluid dynamics, asymmetrical polyhedra toys, ornate line tracings, and intricate details reminiscent of akashic records. The visual experience is enhanced by the use of octane render, culminating in a mesmerizing display featuring gold hieroglyphics. --ar 3:4 --stylize 250

the beauty warrior is holding a rainbows sword, in the style of cyril rolando, captured light effects, intensely colorful figuration, tatsuyuki tanaka,, in the style of colorful explosions, rainbowcore, animated energy, full body, glitchy, kawacy,in the style of colorful explosions, light leaks, psychedelic ilustration, god rays, rainbowcore, mixes realistic and fantastical elements, fairy academia --s 750 --niji 5 --ar 3:4 

void arcanist floating in the air overlooking a ruined world, mist, post apocalyptic, photorealstic, octane render, unreal engine, hyper detailed, volumetric lighting, a character covered in smoke and lightning, in the style of dark fantasy creatures, multi-layered figures, mirrored realms, strong contrast between light and dark, high angle view, aerial view, long shot, 8k, high details, HDR --ar 3:4 --v 5.0 --s 750

((masterpiece,best quality,highly detailed, goodcomposition)),In the portrait photography, a 20-year-old korean model stands in a Chinese building wearing an off- shoulder cheongsam, which is a colorful deep-V design inlaid with various gems and has a high slit skirt --ar 3:4 --v 6.0

The girl is lying in the bathtub, elaborate costumes, Beautifully lit, intricate details, dramatic lighting, phantasmal iridescent, riches and luxury, hyper detailed, anime aesthetic, bayard wu, Masterpiece in excellent quality, extreme detail, sharp focu, illustration, illustration, cinematic lighting, 8K, best quality --ar 9:16 --v 6.0

Extreme close-up.Face of young lady with striking Eyes and pouty lips, white skin.interplay of light and shadow.Dramatic composition.Solarium, shotting by fuji xt-5, sharp photography, intricate details --ar 2:3

Traditional Chinese noble lady, dark white and light purple style, soft and dreamy depiction, mural, 32k UHD, romantic illustration, anime aesthetic, light green and gray --ar 3:4

Photos of the cute and lovely smallest cat are playing smartphonein the bed,to work,in the style of lifelike figures, happenings, detailed crowd scenes, nikon d850, lifelike renderings, candid moments captured. sharp focus, --ar 3:4 --stylize 750 --v 6.0 --style raw

Bar, 90s, blurry foreground, with a Hong Kong female celebrity sitting in the middle shot, shot taking, dynamic composition photography, Wong Kar wai film style --ar 3:4

ancient chinese woman, sorrowful heart to the moon, black long hair, serious, battle, looking at me, slight bright background --ar 3:4 --v 6.0

A beautiful girl dancing,dunhuang mural,female,fairy dancing,best shot of,photo realistic,digital painting,ultra-detaile,unreal engine, high brightness, high contrast, 8k --ar 3:4 --s 700 --v 6.0

masterpiece,best quality, a girl with armor riding a horse, horse with armor,,ancient chinese style,in the style of dark gold and red, fantasy characters,hyper-realistic portraits,magewave, blink-and-you-miss-it detail,--v 6.0 --ar 3:4 --s 300

fashion magazine cover of a 20 yo Asian business lady understated elegancetrendy luxurious, professional lighting,professional photographing --ar 3:4 --niji 5 --s 1000 --style expressive

8k uhd a man is looking over the tree lines and forests, in the style of yuko shimizu, detailed foliage, green, emily kame kngwarreye, mark catesby, trompe-l'œil illusionistic detail, spiky mounds --ar 3:4 --s 750 --v 5.1

Game screen shot of dark souls, third person over shoulder shot, background megalophobia gigantic chinese tang dynasty god viewer, in the style of neo - traditional chinese, close up panoramic wide angle shot, full body, dynamic action, dof, tilt unbalanced composition, gigantic scale, C4D, blender, unreal engine, octane render, global illumination, ray traced reflections, SSAO, shaders, FXAA, CGI, RTX, VFX, 4K, best quality, ultra detailed, hyperrealistic, grimdark, dark, gritty, subtle tone, --ar 3:4 --v 6.0

Colorful ink painting, in the middle of the picture is a woman standing on her back, dressed in ancient clothes, Chinese style --ar 3:4

a panda baby, Flowing bright water effect, ripples and a jelly, against a background of light, blue. In realistic style, happy sleeping panda, tongue out, stretching one paw --v 6.0